FEMAS was created to provide tools for engineers to assist in PCB and system design.  

Our tools are based on full wave solutions to Maxwell's equations but operate much faster than traditional CEM tools.



Fast Electromagnetic Analysis Suite (FEMAS)

FEMAS Overview

This suite of tools contains a number of tools to allow various analysis.  The user interface is straightforward and easy to use.

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Plot Tool

Causality & Passivity Tool - This tool allows you to read S parameter files and check both causality and passivity.  Individual S parameters can be checked, or all S parameters within a file.  Any S parameters that are not causal or passive can be displayed to show the frequency range where the error occurs.  Causality and passivity can also be enforced if desired and the resulting S parameters saved in a new file.

If multiple S parameter files are to be cascaded together, then this tool will allow users to combine all required S parameter files into a single S parameter file, and then Causality & Passivity can be checked and/or enforced.

Link Path Analysis Tool

2D Cross Section Analysis Tool

Demonstration of using FEMAS for Causality and Passivity checking/enforcement

Demonstration of using FEMAS to do a 2D Cross section analysis of a PCB microstrip