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EZ-EMC & EZ-FDTD EZ-tutorial - A tutorial is to help new users of EZ-EMC and EZ-FDTD learn to use this tool quickly


EZ-EMC & EZ-FDTD Example files
A number of examples have been created to demonstrate the power and flexibility of EZ-EMC & EZ-FDTD for EMC simulation tasks. Each example contains an input file (*.inp) which can be opened in the Model Definition function of EZ-EMC or EZ-FDTD to view the actual model. The output file is zipped and requires the 30-day demonstration software, and includes the data output and the animation files. Once unzipped, the user can open the output directly with the Plot Simulation Results or View Animation functions directly.

Example files include:
ez-example1 ~ Readme  ~ (approx 600k)
Emissions through single slot in metal shield
ez-example2 ~ Readme  ~ (approx 675k)
Emissions through a number of slots in a metal shield
ez-example3 ~ Readme  ~ (approx(1.4 megs)
Emissions from a heatsink over a large ground plane
ez-example4 ~ Readme  ~ (approx 7.6 megs)
Emissions from an enclosed shielded box with two large openings

A separate readme file explains each example in more detail.
To save the files, right click over the file and select 'save target as' in IE and 'save link as' in Netscape.

Example graphics that can be viewed without the demonstration software:
ez-example1-geo  Model Definition for ez-example1.inp
ez-example2-geo  Model Definition for ez-example2.inp
ez-example2-out01  Plot Simulation Results for ez-example2.out
ez-example2-out02  Plot Simulation Results for ez-example1.out

Example of FDTD animation  (large file)

Supported Operating Systems

Win9x, WindowsNT, Windows2000, WindowsME & Windows XP are currently supported.

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